2018 02 07周三
    数据显示,AMD 2017财年的收益超过了最初的预期,第四季度收益为14.8亿美元,同比增长34%,对比第三季度的16.4亿美元要低,毛利率维持在35%的水平上。第四季度营业收入为8200万美元,净利润6100万美元,高于上年同期的营业亏损300万美元、净亏损5100万美元,低于上一季度的1.26亿美元和7100万美元。
    AMD released its fourth quarter results
    in 2017 with a profit of $1.48 billion.
    AMD has announced its fourth quarter results in 2017.
    Data show that AMD 2017 fiscal year earnings than initially expected, in the fourth quarter earnings of $1.48 billion, up 34% from a year earlier, compared with $1.64 billion in the third quarter, lower gross margin remained at 35% level. Operating income of $82 million in the fourth quarter, net profit of $61 million, higher than a year ago the operating loss of $3 million, a net loss of $51 million, $126 million and $71 million less than the previous quarter.
    Spatialand制作软件工具,让开发者可以把现有的内容转化成为沉浸式VR体验。这家公司从去年开始就和沃尔玛内部的科技孵化器Store No.8一起开发一个项目,而这次负责收购它的就是该孵化器。
    Wal-mart's acquisition of
    VR shopping created Spatialand.
    Walmart has bought a small VR shopping experience provider called Spatialand. This is one of the steps that wal-mart wants to use VR to change the shopping experience.
    Spatialand makes software tools that allow developers to convert existing content into immersive VR experiences. The company has been working on a project with wal-mart's in-house technology incubator, Store No.8, since last year, and this time it's the incubator.
    今年支付宝的五福卡还是“富强福、和谐福、友善福、爱国福、敬业福”,同时也有“万能福”。用户集齐了五福,将分享 5 亿元现金红包,预计有2- 3 亿用户能分到红包,个人最高 666 元。
    Alipay set up the five blessing activities officially launched,
    AR scan blessing word play upgrade.
    On February 5, alipay announced that it will continue to hold five events this year, starting from midnight on February 6 to 30. Last year, welcomed by users "AR sweeps everyone", this year will continue to be a good card is the main way, on this basis, pay treasure to upgrade the AR play, is not only a sweep everyone, "gesture" can also get the card. Users just open "AR scan" and ask their friends and relatives to make a "five happy" gesture in front of the camera and get a lucky card.
    This year, the fu card of alipay is still "rich and powerful, harmonious, friendly, patriotic and professional," and also "universal blessing". Users will be able to share 500 million yuan in red envelopes, which is estimated to be between 200 and 300 million yuan, with a personal maximum of 666 yuan.